Is your beauty brand, Retail Ready?

Have you ever wondered how to get your product on the shelves of top national retailers but struggle to know where to start?

Well my friend, the time is now and I would like to show you how I did it and help you do the same! In my new Get Retail Ready VIP day, I’ll guide you through getting your brand retail ready so you can stand out from the crowd, pitch retailers, and then see your brand on shelf.

This 1:1 experience will be curated specifically for your products and brand.

In just one day we will

  • Develop your perfect product pitch
  • Do a packaging and branding assessment
  • Create a pricing structure that makes sure you make money (think profit)
  • Find your perfect retail store matches
  • Create your line item sheet
  • Prepare for your first buyer impression
  • Put together your virtual sample package
  • Develop email templates for contacting buyers
  • and more!

This VIP day is for you if you,

  1. Have a beauty brand or product that you currently sell.
  2. Want to learn how to pitch your product to buyers.
  3. Want to expand your brand's presence and accessibility.
  4. Want customers to purchase your products at retailers.
  5. Ready to see your products on shelf!

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